When no place feels like home.

Help now at the US-Mexico border.

Asylum seekers at the border are suffering now more than ever…but YOU can help us bring them aid!

As U.S. and Mexico’s immigration policies recalibrate after the lifting of Title 42, migration remains one of the defining issues of our time.

Without legal travel documents, some asylum seekers will risk traveling with traffickers or risk deportation if caught en route in another state. Many are fleeing gang violence, drug cartels, and extreme poverty. But when they reach the border, they’re faced with seemingly endless wait times and an excruciating lack of resources.

With the help of supporters like you, Preemptive Love continues to cultivate an on-the-ground presence with those at and journeying to the border who are experiencing the most suffering.

We’re working with partners in Mexico and Central America to:

  • Distribute emergency supplies for asylum seekers waiting in El Paso.
  • Grow our food voucher program, which provides needed sustenance to migrant families facing hunger and poverty.
  • Equip shelters with labor and supplies locally, providing comfort and safety for 250 asylum seekers.
  • Launch a mobile tech hub to provide training and freelance work for refugees—without having to leave the safety of their shelters.
  • …and more!

Rising levels of poverty and violence in Latin America are causing people like you and me to leave everything they have worked their whole lives to achieve to take better care of themselves and their families.

We must show them they’re not alone! Will you partner with us to help these asylum seekers?

I’m in! I want to help these people as they search for a better life.