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Stand Up for Syria

10 years ago

Preemptive Love Coalition was founded in the midst of the war in Iraq as a way for Iraqi children to get life saving heart surgeries. Due to the chemical warfare that had been used by Saddam Hussein, children in Iraq were being born with higher rates of Congenital Heart Disease than similar populations around the world.

In 2014

ISIS took Mosul, a city in Northern Iraq, and everything changed. Preemptive Love Coalition used the years of relationship-building to expand our work into ISIS-controlled areas.


Our work has expanded into Syria. Our staff and friends are providing medical care as well as food, water, and winter survival packs to families affected by the war. This need is ongoing so anything you can give is helpful and monthly giving allows us to say “yes” even before the bombs have stopped falling.

$30 can provide 2 days worth of medicine from a mobile clinic
$50 can feed 5 families with hot meals for 1 week
$105 can provide a week’s worth of medicine from a mobile clinic
$220 can provide winter survival packs for 10 families

$4,977 of $5,000 goal