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We help families provide for themselves, reducing the risk of war.

I want to give to to create jobs so communities can thrive.


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Help that lasts.

Capital to start new businesses. Coaching to help businesses thrive. Connection to the global digital marketplace.

When people have the jobs they need, the risk of violence fades.

Small businesses strengthen local economies. They help whole communities bounce back from violence. They can even help stop the next war from happening—by strengthening households, giving young men another choice besides fighting, and providing everyone hope for the future.

When people decide their future, everyone wins.

We help refugees start their own businesses. We organize makers’ co-ops so they can leverage skills they already have—making soap, knitting, and more. And in cities across Iraq and on the US-Mexico border, we’re developing the workforce of the future, providing tech training and job opportunities for young people affected by violence. 

Empowerment can’t be mass produced. But each new job, each new business, can have a ripple effect, transforming an entire community.

When people are treated as partners, home can be remade.

Refugees and war-torn families have what they need to flourish. They are more than just victims. They are resilient and resourceful. We help them start new businesses so they don’t have to flee, and so they don’t have to rely on handouts.

Jobs at a glance
Jan – Dec 2019

167 new businesses launched in Iraq

250 farming jobs created in Syria

820 young people given tech skills they can use now 

29 Israeli and Palestinian women provided job education

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