Our Work

Bringing Relief

We go where others won’t go, providing food, water, and medical care for war-torn families.

We meet families on the frontlines of conflict.

Families shouldn’t have to brave bullets and bombs to reach us. We provide aid as close to the frontlines as possible, where the need is greatest. Reaching families where they are helps them stay at home instead of having to flee.

We think long-term while meeting immediate needs.

There’s no reason emergency aid can’t have lasting impact—if it’s done well. We partner with displaced families to make them part of the solution. We employ local teams to deliver aid and hire local doctors to staff our clinics.

We source emergency aid as locally as possible.

We don’t import aid from overseas. Countries like Syria and Iraq have everything needed to mend the wounds of war. Sourcing aid locally is safer, more cost effective, and benefits more people by boosting the local economy.

Types of Relief

Food & water

Long-lasting food packs and emergency kitchens feeding families caught up in violence, and clean water for thousands.

Medical care

Mobile clinics on the frontlines in Syria and Iraq, immunizations for at-risk children, and refugee doctors serving other refugees.

Hygiene kits

Sanitary pads, refugee-made soap, shampoo, detergent, and other essentials for families displaced by war.


Emergency shelter and warmth for families on the run, along with windows, doors, and more to rebuild homes after war.

Essentials for living

Blankets, mattresses, rugs, cooking stoves, and other essentials to help families survive displacement and return home.

Provide lifesaving relief on the frontlines of war and disaster.

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