Join us as we start the year learning from one another and sharing wisdom across generations. Baby Boomers, Gen X, Gen Z, Millennials, let’s drop the crazy nicknames and preconceived ideas of who we think we are. Let’s see each other for who we really are and discuss the real issues facing us. 

We might not always agree on everything, but the first step to peacebuilding is to listen and you can start here! During this hour you will: 

  • Have a candid conversation about different communication styles between generations
  • Discuss how lack of inter generational communication and collaboration can hinder peacebuilding and how we can engage in hard conversations and work together to create a better world.
  • We will provide you with tips and tools for having hard conversations with someone who’s not in your age group/generation

Join Preemptive Love for a perspective on how to build peace across generations. 

Wednesday, January 25 at 12PM  EST.