Protect the youngest victims of war

Help refugee children heal, grow, and be kids again.

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The trauma we experience as children lives on in our DNA for the rest of our lives. For refugee kids from Syria, that includes war, loss, and unimaginable grief.

You can help them heal. You can restore their childhood and protect them from the ever-present threat of exploitation and abuse.

Tucked beyond rows of concrete buildings in one refugee camp is a place where magic happens. We call it the Friendly Center.

Kids come here to be loved, to play safely with other kids, to learn, and to receive emotional support from trained, caring professionals.

You can show them they’re not alone. Send a quick photo or video of your family with a short message of support for the hundreds of kids who come to this space. It can be very simple, something like: We see you, we hear you, we care for you.

Then make your donation here to help us keep the doors of this Child Friendly Center open—so we can continue help kids heal from the trauma of war.

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Your $20 monthly gift provides ongoing safety, care, and support for one child. Give today.

Where is the Child Friendly Center?

This center is located in a camp for Syrian refugees in northern Iraq. The center has been open ever since refugees first started pouring into this camp, but now it’s in danger of closing its doors, despite massive ongoing need. 

How does the Friendly Center help kids?

Children can participate in therapeutic art, games, sports, and English classes. They also receive care from trained therapists. Most of all, this space gives them a chance to be kids again. Read more about how you’re helping children heal from the trauma of war here.

Outside the safe space for refugee kids in Iraq
Why are we supporting this space?

Many large agencies who’ve cared for these refugee families are pulling out as the world moves on. Food distributions are ending this month, and funding for the Friendly Center has dried up. We are stepping in to ensure it does not close its doors.

$20 per child, per month helps continue providing safety, care, and support for the children who need it most.

How well does Preemptive Love know this Refugee camp?  

We’ve been working in this camp for more than three years—it’s like a second home to us. In fact, it was the Friendly Center that got us started.

The friends who run this center recognized that poverty was a significant cause of stress among children and asked if we could provide income opportunities for parents. We’ve helped families all over this camp launch their own businesses and choose dignity over dependance.

We are joining hands with our friends to ensure that the youngest refugees in this camp have what they need to thrive, too.