Hi, we’re Waking Dream Specialty Coffee! We deliver the highest quality, locally craft roasted, specialty coffee to consumers within 24 hours of roasting on a subscription so they never run out of coffee! We deliver hope globally by partnering with non-profits, like Preemptive Love, working with some of the worlds most vulnerable, by donating 5% of our profits to projects and encouraging subscribers to donate and share with an incentive program.

Preemptive Love is currently helping Syrian farmers and their families rebuild their lives by providing them with the necessary tools they need to sustain their farms. Our goal at the moment is to help Preemptive Love with providing at least 15 families with seeds and farming tools that would last them a whole year!

With Waking Dream’s Specialty Coffee, you’ll have the opportunity to join our journey in helping these Syrian farmers!  We’re excited for you to help make a positive impact on these families!


If you’re interested in Preemptive Love’s Syrian farmers campaign, here’s a great video you can watch:

$0 of $1,800 goal