One gift can help knit our world back together.

Donate now to show someone in need: we belong to each other!

Violence and discord around the world make it hard to see the truth: that we belong to each other, and we’re responsible for taking care of each other.

The world has always known war, but it doesn’t have to stay that way. Violence unmakes the world, but thanks to supporters like you, we work every day to rebuild it anew by:

…responding fast with relief where it is needed most: food to help families survive, shelter to remake home, and medicine to mend the wounds of war.

…creating jobs—providing capital for vulnerable families in war-torn and vulnerable areas to start businesses, coaching to help their businesses thrive, and connecting them to the global marketplace.

…reaching across enemy lines and creating the most diverse community of peacemakers on the planet, to stop the next war before it starts.

…and more!

Will you join us in living out the mantra that you just signed to support?

Your donation of any amount will help people in areas of conflict know that they’re not alone. That there are people out there, across the world, who feel a sense of belonging to them.

When you make a gift of $50 or more today, we’ll send you a We Belong To Each Other key chain as a thank you — and a reminder that we belong to each other.

Thank you for building a world where everyone rises together!