Create a tech space for refugee entrepreneurs, coders, and freelancers.

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We’re launching WorkWell, a tech space where Iraqi and Syrian refugees will become entrepreneurs, coders, and freelancers. When they walk through the doors of WorkWell, they’re no longer just refugees.

This space will offer more than just job training. We’ll provide coaching, mentorship opportunities, and access to technology. This will be a place for young refugees to start building careers as coders, designers, freelancers—now. Not “eventually.” Not “when the dust has settled.” But right here, right now.

Help us raise $200,000 to open this space and begin building a new future for refugee youth.


Desk and Chair

Desk & chair


Help furnish three classrooms, where refugee students learn high-demand skills like coding, graphic design, and more.




Provide a month of childcare while a refugee mom attends class at our tech innovation space and reclaims her family’s future.




Provide laptops for students to use at the tech hub, along with high-powered computers for video editing and graphic design.


Tuition for a year


Provide a full year of tuition for one refugee student—and help them take the first step toward a more prosperous future.

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