Make a renewed commitment to live out peace in your personal life.

🌍Make the Peace Pledge 🌍

We come together from all corners of the world, recognizing the power of collective action and the importance of individual commitment. By making this pledge, you’re not only joining a global movement but also making a profound personal promise.

The Peace Pledge

I wholeheartedly commit to being an unwavering advocate for peace, embodying it in both word and action. Recognizing our rich tapestry of stories, wounds, backgrounds, and cultures, I cherish our shared humanity and the belief that we profoundly belong to each other. In every encounter, I pledge to uphold and spread understanding, kindness, and compassion. I am resolute in seeking opportunities to bridge divides, foster unity, and relentlessly humanize everyone, recognizing that every individual carries fears, joys, and invaluable experiences. Together, let’s remake our world.

Peacemakers have changed the lives of countless people we work with around the world. How that peace manifests takes on distinct forms:

  • Peace for Fatimah in Yemen is the ability to work late in her shop because now the lit streets make walking home at night safe.
  • Peace in a rural Burundi community is listening circles where husbands and wives receive training in the Common Ground Approach and positive masculinity from our trainers. 
  • Peace on a global level at Search looks like activists from Cameroon, the Central African Republic, and Uzbekistan joined by US State Department officials and the Deputy Executive Director of UN Women to launch a global Rapid Response Fund for women peacebuilders.