Coming Together To Amplify Impact and Put People First

When our friends at FUNAX, a Juarez-based non-profit organization bringing technology training to vulnerable communities, told us they wanted to bring Banco de Alimentos de Ciudad Juarez, a food bank in Juárez, ten tons of food to celebrate their ten-year anniversary, we couldn’t wait to get involved. Thanks to your generosity, we were able to give Banco de Alimentos de Ciudad Juárez $1,000 to buy 700 kilos of rice for their 10 Years, 10 Tons campaign. This support helps Banco de Alimento de Ciudad Juárez feed 350 families with food support packages this holiday season.

Having offices in the same place, we’ve known the folks at FUNAX for a while. Last year, they volunteered their time to help us distribute water bottles, arepas, and burritos at the US Mexico border. Sometimes, they take photos of our food distributions and other relief projects if we are short-handed. Wanting to be a good neighbor, we couldn’t wait to help them assemble food packages at the food bank for a few hours.

Donating money directly to the food bank amplified its purchasing power. As a registered food bank, Banco de Alimentos de Ciudad gets better prices when it purchases food in bulk, enabling us to amplify our impact in our fight against hunger. Joining forces with FUNAX and Banco de Alimentos de Ciudad means more people have one less worry during the cold December nights. Families will be able to gather around full tables as they celebrate the end of a challenging year.

We thank our community of peacebuilders for enabling us to bring relief aid or stability projects to vulnerable communities. Every grain of rice your support makes possible symbolizes hope, reminding us that we are a powerful force for peacebuilding, especially when we act together. We are honored to support like-minded organizations in their relief efforts. We are grateful to our donors whose generosity empowers us to act quickly when the opportunity to love anyway arrives. We are ecstatic to live our values by supporting those who put people first.

Put People First