How You Showed Up and Showed Love After the New Zealand Mosque Shooting

Yesterday, in the aftermath of the horrific shooting at two mosques in New Zealand, we encouraged you to wage peace through action. To show up for our Muslim friends across the globe.

You did. And you still are.

You showed up with cookies, phone calls, chalk, signs. You brought flowers and hugs, emails, donations. You flooded the world with tangible messages of peace. You stood in the face of hate and held up love.

Keep going, friends. Keep putting your bodies on the line for peace. You are making the more beautiful world we know is possible. For you. For your families. For our Muslim brothers and sisters.

In St. Petersburg, Florida. Photo by Jessica Throop.

“I sent out a text message today and threw a post up on Facebook, and 30 people showed up to fill the sidewalks of a local Islamic center with messages of love. Thirty people dropped their plans on a Friday night and showed up on their own frontlines to be a little bit of light in a time of great darkness.

I had to fight tears the entire time as I read each message. I’m so heartbroken this is in the face of such hate. But love drives out hate, and tonight I saw it in full force. And not just from my friends and family. We were welcomed with such warmth, hospitality, and love from our Muslim neighbors. And I didn’t expect any less. Because every Muslim I know inspires me to love better. We’re making plans to have a dinner together soon.

We most certainly belong to each other.”

In Nashville, Tennessee. Photo by Dane Barnett.

Pursue peace through action. around the world, where you live. Join The Frontline.

In Des Moines, Iowa. Photo by Lindsey Hornbaker.

“We talked with a few of the folks at the Islamic Center of Des Moines. They were wonderful.

“I asked one man what else we could do to support them. He said, “This is enough. Thank you for this unity. The unity always happens when there is something bad. Maybe one day there will be unity when everything is good.”

“And he’s right. We’ve never shown up before. So we told him we love his community and we’d come back when things are good with the same support. I am so thankful for his honesty and welcome.”

In Orlando, Florida. Photo by Saadia Qureshi

“We were so welcomed and stayed for two prayer services. I bet over 100 people came over to take pictures or say thank you and encourage us. (What?? We are here for you! Amazing.)

“They brought us cold water, cold bottles of juice, and donuts. We were definitely OUT LOVED by their response.

“We had around 15 people show up in our group who had never been to a Muslim community center or mosque before. Everyone wanted to know how to be more involved moving forward.”



In Duluth, Minnesota. Photo by Diana Oestreich

“When my Muslim friends walked into Friday prayers today, they were greeted with love and hugs.

“Half of our ragtag group chose to stand outside to provide safety—all elderly white ladies one who used a cane. I now have goals for my 70s!

“There are no words, or answers but I know 10 strangers showing up meant something to the people who are mourning the most. And that matters.”




Keep going. Keep reaching out to your local mosque. Keep showing up for your Muslim neighbors in the days and weeks ahead. You are love in action. Because we belong to each other.

The headlines will fade, but your love doesn’t.