Qada and Rihab - Mosul, Iraq

Violence unmakes the world.

Preemptive Love unmakes violence.

Help families fleeing violence
remake home and rebuild their lives.

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Majid and Isaac - Erbil, Iraq

Bring emergency relief to war-torn families.

Create jobs so refugees can rebuild their lives.

Our Work

Put refugee women
back to work.

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of refugee-made gifts.

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giving community.

Show up for war-torn families
on the frontlines every month.

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Help families caught in
the fight against ISIS.

Provide food, water, and medical
care in Syria and Iraq.

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We go where others won’t go. We provide emergency food, water, and medical care on the frontlines of conflict and disaster.

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Job creation

Refugees should be able to do more than survive. They should flourish. We help displaced families reclaim their future.

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Go where no one else will go.

Love the people no one else will love.

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