We Grow Hope.

Help refugees bring their farms back to life after war.

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Preemptive Love is named a top “trustworthy, vetted” COVID-19 responder in a watchdog list heralded by The New York Times and President Barack Obama.

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Majid and Isaac - Erbil, Iraq

Violence is a disease.

And there’s a cure.

We help fast.
We give help that lasts.
We heal the past.

Our Work


Providing food, shelter, and medicine for those caught on the frontlines of war

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Launching businesses and developing a whole new workforce to stabilize communities

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Building trust across enemy lines, through relationship and education

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We risk our lives for peace.

We don’t wait for those in need to come to us. We go to them, serving on the frontlines of some of the world’s worst conflicts.

What We Value

We can all rise together.

Together, we can stop the spread of violence—when we show up on the frontlines, when we live like we belong to each other.

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